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Compassion In Politics

In 2018, Jennifer set up the cross-party think tank, Compassion in Politics. Within four months it had over 50 parliamentary members and was named by the Guardian Newspaper as the ‘movement to be most hopeful for’.  Its  work is referenced in committees and the floor of the House and their advice sought by other parliaments. Their polling regularly appears in the press and is used in debates and their campaign to improve honesty in politics led to legislation being debated on the floor of the House. 


In 2022, she was invited to set up the US based, Global Compassion Coalition. In this role, she led the organisation and established  a 20+ global board of academics, politicians and thought leaders which she chairs.  The coalition already  has a global reach in the millions and Jennifer established a string of impact incubators led by leading thinkers in their field and  presented its launch and events program. The Coalition’s supporters include politicians, academics and  spiritual  leaders including  the Dalai Lama.

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