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How Compassion Can Transform Our Politics, Economy, and Society


How Compassion can Transform our Politics, Economy, and Society draws together experts across disciplines – ranging from psychology to climate science, philosophy to economics, history to business – to explore the power of compassion to transform politics, our society, and our economy.

The book shows that compassion can be used as the basis of a new political, economic, and social philosophy as well as a practical tool to address climate breakdown, inequality, homelessness, and more. Crucially, it also provides a detailed plan for its execution. It marks the first time that the study of compassion has been applied across multiple disciplines.

The book provides a template for the study of compassion on an interdisciplinary basis and will appeal to academics, professionals, and the general reader searching for a fresh and inspiring approach to the seemingly intractable problems facing the world.

We: A Manifesto For Women Everywhere


We is a rallying cry for a different way of life, a way that puts spiritual values at the centre of what we do. Most of us know that they way we're living at the moment isn't working. Rates of depression and self-harm are soaring. So are levels of inequality - the rich are getting richer and now we've got climate change and mass migration to deal with as well.

We is about creating a new paradigm. So often as feminists we find ourselves fighting for fifty percent of a system that isn't working. For us equality is about more than equal rights to the system as it exists now. It's about creating a system that works better for all of us, that isn't founded on working practices developed round male ways of working, that doesn't really take account of the needs and wants of those of us who have kids and who have caring responsibility. It's about trying to create a world in which there's more fairness and more compassion.

WE is based on 9 Principles that lead to a happier life. They apply equally to individuals, and organisations. Jennifer Nadel provides training based on these principles for individuals, schools, NGO’s and industry. 

Pretty Thing


Pretty Thing is a novel about sexual obsession and teenage love published by Little Brown. It's dark, tense and passionate and examines themes of gender, power and class.

Set in rural England in the sweltering, hot summer of 1976, it tells the story of a fifteen year old girl who falls in love with a man who is twice her age.


It also features some great 70's music which you can hear in the Pretty Thing Spotify soundtrack. After the book was published the epilogue was released online. You can read it here, but read the whole book first!

Sara Thornton: The Story of a Woman Who Killed


I met Sara Thornton when she was serving a life sentence in Holloway Prison. I recorded  a secret interview with her and then did everything I could to bring her case to wider public attention.  Her case was not just an individual miscarriage of justice but also highlighted some of the many ways in which the English Legal System discriminates against women - both through its laws and how they're interpreted and applied. 


The book was made into BBC Film and a Channel 4 documentary.

In February 1989, Sara Thornton was jailed for life for killing her violent, alcoholic husband. 18 months later, her appeal was turned down. In the same week, Joseph McGrail walked free from court, having murdered his alcoholic wife, a woman who, in the words of the judge "would have tried the patience of a saint".


This prompted Sara to go on hunger strike and for women's groups everywhere to campaign for her release. Now a cause celebre, her case focuses attention on battered and abused women whose cries for help have for so long been ignored. 

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